aBlogtoWatch Plus: New Service For Busy Watch Collectors

aBlogtoWatch Plus: New Service For Busy Watch Collectors Featured Articles

Today aBlogtoWatch introduces a service a lot of people have been requesting for a while now, and we call it “aBlogtoWatch Plus.” The service will come in two flavors depending on the needs of our clients. aBlogtoWatch Plus is about saving people time and creating efficiency where before there was effort and complexity. In short, aBlogtoWatch Plus is about eliminating much of the time and effort required to discover, learn about, and buy watches. aBlogtoWatch Plus is a freeway to watch collecting: helping you get where you want to go faster without the struggle of making decisions or investing too much of your time.

aBlogtoWatch’s core mission is to introduce ideas and facts to our audience designed to help give people the tools they need to make the best possible decisions as watch consumers. Primarily aBlogtoWatch is about empowering consumers to make the best personalized decisions for their tastes, needs, and budget. The aBlogtoWatch team gathers information about the world of watches and presents stories to our audience about watches they might want and others they simply wish to know about. For those who want to skip the arduous process of becoming well-informed and sophisticated collectors, aBlogtoWatch Plus makes having to sort through all the information aBlogtoWatch publishes a lot more optional. With aBlogtoWatch Plus, let someone else make all the decisions for you so you can focus on sounding and looking your best.

aBlogtoWatch Plus: New Service For Busy Watch Collectors Featured Articles

Take The Hard Part Out Of Making Buying Decisions

What decisions? For aBlogtoWatch Plus clients, as much as you want off-loaded to us. Here’s how it works. aBlogtoWatch Plus clients get three services all for one fair monthly price. The first service is a monthly “Tic List” of products and popular discussions from the aBlogtoWatch Plus team that includes talking points any watch lover would need to be aware of when interacting with other watch lovers. aBlogtoWatch Plus also suggests conversation starting statements and common responses to questions you’ll face when interacting with seasoned watch enthusiasts.

We want aBlogtoWatch Plus clients to be ready with industry leading opinions on important topics. Don’t know what to make of a new watch brand, model, or industry development? Have no fear aBlogtoWatch Plus will simply tell you what to think about all the major news all the time. With our monthly list you’ll be aware of the the position you should take on any number of issues from a watch model price increase to what you should be feeling about a major brand’s new CEO. Stop wasting time trying to actually learn about products and where they come from, and feel good knowing that someone you are paying is doing the decision making work for you.

aBlogtoWatch Plus: New Service For Busy Watch Collectors Featured Articles

The second service for aBlogtoWatch Plus clients is a regularly updated “buy list.” Clients will be able to access a list of watches we recommend that they purchase at various price levels. Client time will not be taken up with lengthy explanations or discussions on why the recommendations are made, but instead clients will be able to view a compact list of no more than a few dozen timepieces recommended to purchase at any given time. How is the “buy list” created and updated? aBlogtoWatch Plus has developed a complicated selection algorithm along with the added human touch of randomness to keep the buy list both unpredictable and unparalleled.

Third, all aBlogtoWatch Plus clients will receive one hour of “watch talk conference” time each month. aBlogtoWatch Plus knows how important it is for watch lovers to feel a sense of community so the program includes a few meeting times each month where up to six aBlogtoWatch Plus clients can interact via an internet-enabled conferencing call to debate buying choices, question others about their opinions on new designs, and sometimes simply see who else agrees with your disdain for a particular person or idea. Each watch talk conference will be a lively discussion designed to satisfy a watch collector’s need for community involvement with just the right amount of actual human interaction.

aBlogtoWatch Plus is a subscription service with a monthly cost of $300.

aBlogtoWatch Plus: New Service For Busy Watch Collectors Featured Articles

aBlogtoWatch Plus More – The Ultimate Buyer’s Service

For watch-interested clients who want the ultimate in service and convenience there is aBlogtoWatch Plus More. With “Plus More” clients simply get watches purchased for them, shipped straight to their door. Give aBlogtoWatch Plus More your bank or credit card information and the skilled team will simply purchase a watch for you at regular intervals, up to 20 times per year! Most important is that aBlogtoWatch Plus More’s trained staff will personally evaluate each timepiece purchase prior to shipping it to the client by wearing the watch for up to four weeks.

We understand that making a decision on what to buy requires time, effort, and a lot of confidence. Not everyone has the luxury of those qualities. For those who simply want well-informed people making decisions in their place, there is aBlogtoWatch Plus More. What types of watches are delivered? House choice, always. No returns or exchanges unless there is a warranty issue. You hired the aBlogtoWatch Plus More team to find a watch deal just for you, and something that unique simply isn’t transferable.

aBlogtoWatch Plus More’s dedicated product team will scour available watches on the market for something they personally like. They will purchase the watch with your money and wear-test the watch for a few weeks just to make sure you’ll love it. aBlogtoWatch Plus More testers only take professional pleasure in evaluating your personal timepiece prior to you receiving it. Any additional enjoyment they may receive by wearing your upcoming new watch is purely coincidental. It’s like having your new car worn in by a professional driver – just to make sure you can let loose on the open highway without worry. aBlogtoWatch Plus More ensures your new watch arrives loved and care for – with minimal wear and tear.

How much will aBlogtoWatch Plus More cost? No more than the retail price of the watch. aBlogtoWatch Plus More works with its retailer and brand partners to share in their profit margin and not burden aBlogtoWatch Plus More clients with additional fees. As if watches didn’t cost enough already. Just give the aBlogtoWatch Plus More team your maximum budget per watch and they will promise not to spend more than 25% over that amount.

aBlogtoWatch Plus: New Service For Busy Watch Collectors Featured Articles

The aBlogtoWatch Plus Promise

Don’t let “armchair reviewers” who’ve never actually seen or let alone touched a product influence your decision as a wristwatch consumer. Let the professionals who already have the right experience and timepiece-world access make your decisions for you. Don’t forget, you get what you pay for. The aBlogtoWatch Plus Promise is that everything you receive comes from authentically seasoned watch experts, and not just someone with a passion that you yourself clearly do not have time to invest in. aBlogtoWatch Plus or aBlogtoWatch Plus More is your ticket to watch paradise – minus all the effort. Wear happy, friends…

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