In this limited edition, specially designed to celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Dog, Breguet has combined its two great skills: watchmaking technique and miniature sculpture

With the Classique 7145 Chow-chow, Breguet has deployed its talents for craftsmanship and art, as well as its watchmaking skills. Eight pieces are available – a lucky number in China – to pay homage to the Chinese New Year, which began on 16 February, marking the beginning of spring and the earth dog cycle.

Man’s best friend is the 11th sign of the zodiac, following on from the rooster and preceding the pig. It symbolises strong values such as independence, sincerity, loyalty and sensitivity. To adorn the dial on this “Classique”, the watchmakers from the Vallée de Joux have chosen a Chow Chow, a dog with a rich, thick coat, the bearing of a lion and its blue tongue. The breed originates from eastern Mongolia, and according to most experts, is the oldest breed of dog in the world, existing in China for almost 4,000 years.

breguet classique 7145 chow-chow closeup

The craftsmen and women at Breguet have used two techniques to create the golden dial on the watch: bas-relief engraving – helping the dog’s body to subtly stand out – and cross-hatching, with a wavy and circular pattern providing a sense of depth and movement. The Chow Chow is considered a good guard dog and is shown here with its front paws on what looks like a pile of coins. In Asian cultures, people carry or keep in the places they love three old, round coins (the sky) with a square piece cut out of the centre (the earth); the coins symbolise the union of the sky, the earth and mankind, and bring power, wealth and plenty.

At the heart of the 40 cm-wide white-gold case is an automatic movement providing the Classique 7145 Chow Chow with 45 hours of power reserve. This extra-flat calibre drives the hours and minutes, embodied on the dial by two Breguet “moon-tipped” hands.

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By Sharmila Bertin

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