An encounter is first of all a look, then a touch. The senses are awakened. Urwerk recreates this experience by playing with colours and textures on the new UR-210.

A pillar of the Urwerk collections, the UR-210 has been given a fresh look for the Black Platinum version. The case is now dressed in platinum and titanium, and the watch is coated with deep black DLC. On the dial, the time information, the numerals on the wandering hours and minute scale are coloured deep red. The contrast between the two colours underlines the personality of the timepiece with its futurist design. But Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei, the creators of the young brand, wanted to add an extra sensation to its visual impact with very special attention paid to the materials. This involved adding another element to the watch, linked to the sense of touch. The platinum is shaped to add relief using deep circular grooves. The hexagonal shape of the model is also brought to the fore.

urwerk ur 210 platinium

At the heart of the case can be found a complex movement powered by a turbine and a single barrel. With the winding adjuster on the back of the case, users can modify the workings of the rotor to produce the energy required for 39 hours of power reserve. In FULL position, winding is optimised by the slightest movement of your wrist. In REDUCED, a turbine is brought into play and sets up a resistance to slow down the movement of the winding mechanism. The third option is the STOP position, transforming the automatic mechanism into a manual-winding mechanism.

The 25 watches in the UR-210 Black Platinum limited edition are worn on a large, comfortable strap in the same colours as the case.

Price: 155,000 CHF exc. VAT urwerk.com

By Dan Diaconu

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